Not just a website, but a community where you can support
restaurants who need it most

white plate with orange border where there's an input in the center to navigate to the specific local page

A convenient way
to explore your
hidden gems,

image of what a hypothetical Blaze Pizza restaurant listing would look like (restaurant logo, name and tag) of what a hypothetical GEN BBQ listing would look like of what John's Pizza would look like

contact the server
from your table
using real-time

help icon where when user presses it whilst at a restaurant, it notifies the waiter that customer needs help general icon which notifies waiter that customer has a general nudge menu icon which notifies restaurant user wants to see the menu message icon where customers can type a message for waiter to receive bill icon which will notify restaurant that customer is ready to pay order icon which notifies waiter customer is ready to order

and cut out
expensive delivery
companies by
redeeming exclusively
in-person deals;

hypothetical deal by Blaze Pizza which shows time remaining, deal image, deal name, and the method/s it can be redeemed hypothetical deal for 'The Better Philly' hypothetical deal for a Taco Tuesday

Digitize and connect
your restaurant with
customers in a single click,

table icon that represents what a table would look like to restaurants

add tables and
promotional deals
increase visibility,

qr code for '' which represents what qr codes for restaurants will look like

request free QR codes
that are fully
customizable on your end,

nudge menu which represents what restaurants will see when a customer 'nudges' them

and receive
filterable alerts
from tables once
you slap 'em on

for free. Always.

By August, September, and December, you'll be able to have...

graphic which shows that by August, restaurants will be able to upload, track, and arrange menu items graphic which shows that by September, restaurants will be able to receive in depth statistics graphic which shows that by December, restaurants will be able to process credit cards