Future features

Some future features that’ll arrive include menus where users can track the progress of their restaurant orders, as well as order on the website.

This can be either done on the restaurant side (waiter filling in the order after he takes the order), or on the user side (user fills in the order which is sent to the restaurant). Thus, both sides will be able to order for the customer.

Further, there will be a feature which tracks the menu time based on the previous wait times for that specific menu item. To ensure this feature is not abused, there will be both tableside confirmation as well as restaurant confirmation that the food arrived.

Users can order multiple items. And each item can be selected from the menu, where there may be a limit to each selection.

The average dining time will be shown on the restaurant card, where the restaurant will have the ability to end the session.

There will be no credit card transactions at this time. However, that will be implemented a month or two after the menu items layout.

There will be no surcharge on the credit card fees, and users will not have to create an account to pay with their credit card.
Restaurant analytics will also be implemented, where one can see the average spend of each table, the number of nudges per table, as well as the average duration of each dining session.

TLDR: Menu and Analytics option for the Listing

More settings for the dashboard
That is all for the year