Security & Compliance


It is preferred to access the website through a computer or a tablet. Though mobile accessibility is supported, phones smaller than an iPhone 8 may have accessibility issues in vertical use. However, these issues may be alleviated through horizontal use.

There may be some issues regarding desktops with very wide monitors. Please zoom the site a couple of times to fit your viewing screen.


ADA Compliance
Here at Angosa, we take accessibility very seriously. However, we cannot account for ALL factors. Thus, we encourage you to contact us (before suing) about any issues regarding ADA compliance.
Here’s what we have done to ensure that most, if not all, people with disabilities can access the site.

  • Good color contrast
  • Descriptive alt tags
  • Tabbable navigation
  • Descriptive titles
  • Labels for inputs
However, we understand that there are a few things such as inputting restaurant tables that cannot be done through tabs. To address this issue, we offer the service of manually inputting the tables for you, as well as addressing and fixing all accessibility bugs that were not found through the preliminary screening. To access this service, please fill in a contact form through the contact page or click here.


Cookies and Tracking
No cookies except for the absolutely necessary cookies (sessions) will be used. These will be enabled automatically with no opportunity to opt-out to correctly identify the restaurant and ensure that the restaurant’s actions are not hindered by verification and ownership issues
No tracking, analytical, or non-necessary cookies are implemented or will be implemented by Angosa LLC on the site.

Data Collection
The data we collect will not be obtained from other sites you visited, and will only be collected in accordance to what you specifically allow, including but not limited to what, when, and where input onto the servers.
Though what and when you input onto the servers cannot be prevented and is a necessary function of the security of ownership and site, where you are when you submit the forms on this website can be hidden or changed through a VPN.

For restaurants, there is a key associated with each restaurant. Please request a change of key by contacting us or by securely storing the key. Keys will only be delivered upon request and an extensive verification process or through first class mail directly to the restaurant.
Though the chances of an impersonator stealing the key are low, a verification process will begin where we shall confirm the identity of the disputer. Further, we shall also notify the current owner of the restaurant that a dispute has occurred. Both sides will be able to present their case until a final verdict is issued.