We know that this will take a lot of getting used to, both for your waiters as well as for your customers, but it’ll grow on them slowly.

How to access: click on the restaurant card on the dashboard menu of the specific restaurant you want to access.
A restaurant can view nudges and dismiss nudges.
Each nudge will show the table nudging the restaurant, and the type of nudge.
The nudge can be dismissed by clicking on the “X” button at the top right corner of the nudge.
For security purposes, the restaurant has the ability to create a password which will be required for the customer to access the nudge, and will be required for the current customer currently on the page for further use and access. This is to prevent people outside of the restaurant from accessing the nudges aka ghost nudging.
The password can be set by clicking on the top right corner, the wheel icon, and entering in the password you would like to set.
You may filter nudges by clicking on the specific tables you would like to view nudges from, as well as sort the nudges by ascending and descending order.
The ascending and descending order button can be accessed by clicking the top right button in the nudges container.

A user will only be able to access a nudge if he scans the QR code at the table. For security purposes, the user will have to enter a password only if the restaurant has a nudges password sent to prevent ghost nudging.
Further, a user will be able to view which table they are seated at, as to prevent any malicious forging of the table QR codes.
The nudges are self explanatory, though the user will be able to input a customizable message to deliver to the restaurant with a simple click of the button.
Further, if the restaurant has an optional menu link, the user will be redirected to said link when they click on the menu nudge. Please use the general or message nudge to request a paper menu.