Pricing & Guarantees

We have a lifetime guarantee that our current services and features and the services and features implemented up until 2028 will be free forever until the end of time.

What This Means: This means that all the features up to 2028 and the updates that come along such as credit card payment, menu items, in depth analytics, points system, advertising functionally (if not implemented after 2028), will be available for free forever.

Credit Card Transactions (not implemented yet): We have a lifetime guarantee that there will be no extra charge applied to credit card transactions, nor will there be any malicious or hidden fees.
However, there will be a fee associated with credit card processing for every credit card transaction outside of our control. There will be no surcharge and the credit card processing fees (as they decrease from increased volume) will be updated every two years. The duration may be changed after 2025.

This is intended to be legally binding unless Angosa LLC is at severe risk of bankruptcy, and even then will Angosa seek out other forms of financing (except equity financing) before resorting to the website behind any form of paywall. The bankruptcy must be in good faith and actual.

There is NO possibility of the service shutting down within the next 5 years as there is adequate financial backing for the servers as well as capacity. However, you may experience outages from time to time during peak dining times. Please be warned.

If these outages do occur, please contact us and we will expand capacity as soon as possible.