Please email if you would like to apply to work at Angosa. Entitle "RESUME" in the header. Mispelled headers won't be read.

Email your requirements for this job (i.e. salary of 80k, no relocation, perks), your resume, an optional portfolio (if technical role), a sentence on how you plan to help the company, and what you've done that no one else can do (it can be as simple as being able to eat eggplants without throwing up!). If you cannot tell us the last requirement, please tell us an interesting story that you've experienced in the body of the email.

Some preferred but not required roles include: Server/SysOps, PHP/Javascript developer, Frontend Developer (HTML/CSS), Marketing, Web Animator, Credit Card Processing API Specialist, IT/Security Specialists, Product Manager. We probably forgot some, but please apply anyways if you believe you can help this company in any way.